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Aqara landed in the U.K. for everyone!

HomeKit products have been growing over the years, but roll out from some smaller brands has been slow! One of my favourite HomeKit Brands was almost impossible to come across in the U.K., to the point i had to look around importing products if i wanted to try them out.

That was until now, Aqara a brand which has been realising more and more homekit compatible products to its already big lit’s is now selling its products on Amazon and Apple‘s website. before it would be hard to buy Aqara products within the U.K. without importing it from china or the US, but recently they have expanded out to the EU and U.K. with some of their best products.

Aqara started out in 2016 and was selling dominantly in the US and China with products supporting Google, Alexa, HomeKit & Mi home. The popular M1 hub was quick to take off when it was released from Aqara as it was a cheap and affordable option to adding a security systeam to homekit without breaking the bank! Since then, Aqara has released new and updated products, all at affordable pricing. Ranging from door sensors, HomeKit cameras, door locks and more.. Aqara has only started selling 5 of it’s products on Amazon and Apple’s website and I’m sure will come later.


So the best product Aqara is selling in the U.K. right now is the M2 hub! This hub is a updated version of the original M1 hub which i spoke about earlier. This is a zigbee hub has a ton of features for your Smart home!

Like i said, it‘s a Zigbee hub with support for up to 128 devices, it also has a 360 inferred blaster that you can use to control any Ir compatible device ( IR devices Arnt supported via homekit)

It also has a Ethernet cable so you don’t have to have it clog up your Wi-Fi and usb power, something which the previous M1 and M1S hubs didn’t have!

The best feature about the M2 hub is how it is also a full blown security system within homekit! The hub Is PACKED with features for everyone and is only £59.95

Next on the list is the G2H HomeKit compatible Camera with built in hub. This camera has some really cool features including support for HomeKit secure video and homekit 2 way talk for only £69.95 The camera also acts as a hub for Zigbee products for up to 64 devices but doesn’t include a security system like the M2 hub, something to keep in mind if you are looking for security!

Now for sensors!

Apple and Amazon are selling three different sensors from Aqara, these include a contact Sensor, temperature sensor and vibration sensor. Priced at £24.95, these sensors are perfect for automating your home, keeping it safe, energy sufficient and have a really cool way to automate different surfaces.

If you are interested in picking up some Aqara homekit products here’s a list with all the links to each product!

Aqara M2 Hub -

Aqara G2H Camera -

Aqara Contact sensor -

Aqara Temperature sensor -

Aqara Vibration sensor -

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