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Nanoleaf Hexagon

This week people have started receiving their new Nanoleaf panels. If you remember, Nanoleaf showcased the new shape back in 2019 at CES. Within the year they had perfected the design and in 2020 CES, they showcased the new Nanoleaf hexagon ready for pre-order in early June.

The Canadien based company Nanoleaf is a smart light company that focus on LED lighting. They started back in 2012 on Kickstarter by releasing the Nanoleaf One, which claimed to be the worlds most power-efficient bulb. The company received over $250,000 while only pledging $20,000. In 2015 the company started to grow, now dominating the gaming and smart home industry with its products.

The new shape takes everything it's learnt from its past products, such as the Nanoleaf Aurora (Triangles) and the Nanoleaf canvas (squares) by including touch control, Mircorphone for music, and a better mounting system which will allow users to interconnect new shapes in the future! The starting price is £179.99/$199 for a pack of 9 panels, including all the new features straight out the box. Expansion packs start at £49.99/$60 for a pack of 3.

The panels look amazing in person with colours feeling brighter and more alive. I can see so many ideas that can come out of the new line. I'm so happy with the new mounting system, which allows you to stick or drill the mounting clip to the wall and then attach the panel to the mount. This brings ease to mind that your new panels are secure and safe from falling off the wall, and it comes included!

One big change I have noticed, which was a flaw in the Nanoleaf canvas, is the control panel. Nanoleaf now includes the controls as a snap-on accessory so if it fails, the user will only have to replace the control part it's self and not the entire panel like the canvas.

Overall, Nanoleaf has done an amazing job with the Shapes line. I would give them a 5/5 and a must-have for any smart home or gaming setup. Easy to use app and controls makes this the perfect starter kit or addition to your home. The hexagon really shows how far Nanoleaf has come and I'm excited about where they go next.

Use this link to check out the website and grab yourself some -

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