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Eve Home Sensors - Review

Throughout the years HomeKit products have been drip-fed to consumers, and 9/10 they have expensive prices to go with them. Well, today I'm going to tell you about EVE, a smart home company that has a wide range of sensors and lights that support HomeKit and are budget-friendly.

Over the last week, I have been testing the motion and door sensors and so far I can say they are great. straight out of the box. They both have replaceable batteries, once you've put them in, you just scan the HomeKit code and that's it. Just like every HomeKit device, you assign a room the sensor is in and from there you can set what happens when the sensor detects a change! The sensors use Bluetooth so they never have to be connected to the internet, but you do need a home hub of some kind such as an Apple Tv, HomePod or iPad. The biggest benefit is that you don't have to make an account with a company, nothing is shared via the internet and you have 100% privacy. There's one downside which Eve already know about and have a solution. If you live in a big property, Bluetooth might be a little weak, but Eve offers a range extender for its products at £45 so you will never have to worry about wifi dropping out because they never use it! The motion sensor sits under £50 and the contact sensor sits under £30.


Let's start with the Eve door & window sensor, perfect for building a home security system. I've placed my sensors on the back door of our apartment and one on the front door. Our neighbour comes through the back door to feed our cats when we are away so

I've set up an automation so that when we are away and our alarm system is on, we'll receive a notification and the kitchen and hallway lights will turn on when the back door is opened.

This makes our home a little safer and gives that peace of mind when you're not home. The sensor is designed to go on windows and doors, and it even includes an extension for recessed places, this is so the sensor makes contact with its other half. For under £40 the Eve contact sensor is one of the best on the market.

Next is the Eve motion sensor for indoor and outdoor. Again, setup is the same, scan the code and add to the room you want it to be used in.

The best uses for a motion sensor is to adapt the lighting to different times of the day when motion is detected. For example, I have placed my motion sensor in the bathroom, yes we have a Philips light in the bathroom, don't judge. Before the motion sensor, we had a pull cord and a standard non-smart light. When you are climatised to having smart lights that are always dimmed in the evening, going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is like being woken up by car lights.

In the Home app, I have set up automations so when motion is detected at different times of the day the lights will adapt, meaning from 12am - 6am the light is a warm white with 10% brightness, which is bliss and you will thank me later. The motion sensor is under £50 on amazon and has IPX3 rating for outdoor use for anyone wanting to use it outside.

The different scenes set for different times of day!

All sensors show up in the status of the Home app when they have detected a change or not in their normal state. To view and edit the sensors in the Home app, simply go to the room it was added in and you will see it at the top, from there you can add your own automations and see the battery of the devices. You can turn on notifications per sensor so you will know if something opened when it shouldn't or have them only notify you when your not home.

If you are looking for a safer, smarter home, then Eve is the place to start. It's affordable and easy to use from beginner to expert.

I can't believe it took me so long to find Eve smart products but I'm so happy I did. My privacy is secure and they tie into HomeKit effortlessly. Eve does offer there own HomeKit app that you can use to set up advance automations and it works amazingly, I will cover the app in another blog due to the complexity of the app so stay tuned.

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