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Forget AirPower! Nomad Has You Covered

It’s been a couple of years since Apple announced AirPower and it’s been over a year since they also cancelled it. And it been only this year it’s been rumoured to be worked on again and then not, and then a prototype leaked and then.... yep. Pretty much the story of it all until now.

Apple AirPower was announced as a product Apple was working on back in 2017 and it promised a bright future in wireless charging. The ability to place your device anywhere on the charging pad and it just charge (no hotspot needed) On top of that you could also place your AirPods anywhere on the mat while your iPhone was charging and both would charge at the same time. And then to top it all of you could also throw you Apple Watch into the mix and have that charge. Basically Apple promised a charging mat that would charge all three devices in any order or any mix at one given time without the need to drop it in one set place. A dream that Apple killed in March 2019.

Since Apple killed the project there have been rumours that it is still being worked on in Apple, but like all tech, someone else will beat you to it. This brings us to Nomad! You may have heard or seen their products before. From durable cables to luxury phone cases Nomad has a spot in the tech industry and they just made that spot even bigger. You might have seen their wireless charging mat ‘the base station’ before. It’s a charging mat that offered what apple couldn’t. Well kinda, you could charge 2 devices on a charging mat and an Apple Watch on a charger puck at the back. Works great, but lacks what Apple wanted. You could only place 2 devices on the hotspots and off Apple Watch has its standalone dock.

Nomad today announced the Base Station Pro, a device that offers what AirPower couldn’t! The Base Station Pro allows you to place 3 devices on the mat anywhere and charge them at the same speeds simultaneously! Amazing. 2 iPhone and AirPods - yep. 3 iPhones - yep. 3 AirPods - yep. Pretty much any Qi-compatible device will work. Now I didn’t mention Apple watch as It doesn’t support Qi charging (Apple's fault) but Nomad has said to be working on a solution that will be a allow you to charge your Apple Watch without needing another charging mat. They haven’t said details but I’m excited to see how they will add support. Android users will be lucky as if you watch supports Qi charging you will be able to charge it with your phone and wireless earbuds (if they support Qi)

source: Nomad website

How’s it work?

Nomad is calling it “Proprietary FreePower” which uses an algorithm to find and direct power to your device.

‘Proprietary FreePower™ algorithms rapidly locate your device, creating virtual coils directly under your Phone or other Qi-enabled devices. This is accomplished by 18 dedicated charging coils that intelligently work together to form an electromagnetic coupling to your device's power receiver.’

Nomad also makes the Base Station Pro future proof by giving to mat Regular updates to make it more efficient and charge faster. If you want to see what the mat will look like in your setup head to the website to see it in AR.


Since we don’t have a price to compare, Nomad is selling hour dream charging mat for $229.95. And I find that reasonable for many reasons. It’s one of a kind, worlds first technology, it’s future proof, and it works! As a recent graduate I can tell you right now it’s not on the priority list to buy, and probably the same case for the average jo, but I will still save my pennies and invest as soon as I can as this is is the missing piece to my office setup.

So if your a tech lover like me, run to Nomad now and order your Base station pro as they will ship from late September. If you are unsure or the price is a little high don’t worry. As the technology gets older the price will drop. Again this is a first of its kind in tech and you know that it comes at a price. I would love to get my hands on one and give a full review for you in the future and will keep you updated on this technology as it grows into the world!

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