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Hand Washing - iOS 14 & Watch OS7

With the public beta of ios 14 being available they're many features to explore, one feature, in particular, that could help you right now in the pandemic has been added and its handwashing. Apple implemented handwashing into the Apple watch to help you remember to wash your hand for a minimum of 20 seconds.

How does it work?

Apple announced the feature at WWDC20 and gave a glimpse of how it works. Your Apple Watch has a built-in gyroscope and microphone which Apple has trained to learn when you are washing your hands. This means that when you watch detects running water, soapy hands and hand movements, the Apple Watch will display a 20-second countdown to help make sure you are sticking to the recommended time. If you do stop halfway through washing then the watch will prompt you to carry on but can be dismissed (in this case use sanitizer)

In iOS 14 and watchOS 7 betas I have found so far this feature to be a little hit or miss. Sometimes it works amazing and sometimes not at all. Apple did say it had been working on the feature for years now and wasn't just something that was added last minute because of COVID 19, so expect ane hope for the feature to be more reliable by the time of public release in the autumn.


To get handwashing up and running both your phone and watch must be on the latest beta of iOS 14 and watchOS 7. You can download and install the profiles here through Apple's public beta website. Keep in mind your phone might experience some minor bugs and battery drainage and remember to back up your phone before updating. Now that you are all up to date, you will want:

  1. Head into setting on your Apple Watch

  2. Scroll down to the Handwashing option

  3. Head into settings on your Apple Watching reminders*

* turn on the reminders sends a notification to your phone to remind you to wash your hands when you return home.

You can view your data the watch collects in the health app on your iPhone. just head into the browse tab and search for Handwashing. From there you will be able to see how frequently you have washed your hands and how long for.

We hope this helps and reminds you to wash your hands more often, defiantly during these difficult times. This is the first year Apple has released a public beta for the watch so I would recommend checking it out. Hers the link again for the profiles here and check out some more of our iOS14 updates here. Subscribe and follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest and greatest tech updates. We have recently joined TikTok @techup_ if you would like to give us a follow and we have some merch coming out soon including face masks!

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Stay safe: The Tech-Up

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