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Today Philips Hue made a big announcement that included some new features and lighting products I cant wait to get my hands on!! These announcements include new gradient ranges, filament bulbs and brighter bulbs! So if you’ve been waiting for the Hue RGB takeover the keep reading!

Philips Hue has been in the smart home game for a long time and has 100’s of products to choose from, today they added even more to the selection of products but first let us talk about a new feature that I wasn’t expecting from them and that’s its new Spotify collaboration!

This collaboration is built into the Hue app so be sure to check for any updates in your app store! It uses the data from Spotify to sync your music with your lights and doesn’t require a microphone like apps that have offered a similar experience. You’ll be able to change the effects to be more dramatic or gentle and have the option for colour-ways. This should be available from today for all spotify users!

Now for the RGB Talk

Philips Hue have released some new products to go with its Gradient range. Gradient is the term for a light product that allows to display more than one color at the same time making for a really nice rainbow effect, until now all philips products have been able to display one color at a time. The gradient range started last year with a gradient light strip that fitted around the tv and allowed you to sync it up with your tv using the Hue Sync Box or PC app.

This year, Hue is expanding on this with a new LED strip that you can place anywhere within the home (Starting £129.99), 2 new Signe lamps (Starting £174.99) a floor and table version and a new product called ‘Play Gradient Light tube’(Starting £159.99).

The new Gradient products can be used in a entertainment space for Hue Sync or be used around the home to create some stunning lighting effects. More details to come and keep a eye out on our Youtube for reviews in the future!

Some other updates have come to the Hue range including brighter light bulbs in both white ambience and colour ambience bulbs at 1800 lumens to put in some of the darker areas of your home. This is a nice update and something I have been hoping for for a while.

Also in the refresh of new bulbs comes a nice welcome to new filament bulbs with the option for warm and cool tone bulbs – ‘White Ambience’ The bulbs will be available along side the existing filaments bulbs (Im still waiting for color filament, fingers crossed)

To see all the new Philip Hue Products head to their website

All new products are available from the Hue website which i’ll link here >

All the pricing will be found here >

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