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IKEA adds support HomeKit support for its Trådfri motion sensor & new shortcuts button!

Ikea is known for its easy, quick and affordable products and a couple of years ago it released is own Smart home range called "Trådfri" that works with Google, Amazon and Apple HomeKit! Over the years its continued to add more products including blinds and different types of light fittings. A starter pack with 2 bulbs, bridge and switch will set you £50, which Is the same price it cost you for a single bulb without a bridge from Philips hue!

Even though IKEA made their lights compatible with Voice assistances, some products like the motion sensor and light switches were locked into Ikea's home app. The motion sensor would only turn on or off a light that you set up via the IKEA app. No scenes where available at the time so it was just a non smart motion sensor that carried the name.

2021 has landed and IKEA just updated its bridge to version 1.13.21 which now allows the Trådfri motion sensor to be used with HomeKit! This allows you to customise what the motion sensor can control, from fans to lights, where its located and what it can control! HomeKit is great for automations and with third party apps like the EVE app, you can really customise the motion sensor! The motion sensor is £12 but keep in mind you will need a bridge which is £22.

As IKEA adds new products every year, a new add to the Trådfri line was a shortcut button. A button that can run a selected scene with the Ikea Home app. It comes with a customisable front plate that you can stick a picture inside resembling that scene, even comes with blanks to make your own! The best thing about this button is the fact it cost £6! Again, keep in mind you will still need a hub as yes, you guessed! The update also allows for the button to work within HomeKit! In the Home app it shows up as a short button press and a long button press, essentially giving you 2 options to control your home for £6!

IKEA is here to stay and these updated are exciting as IKEA is so affordable so its hard not to recommend it to anyone who's looking to build a smart home! If you would like to see our full review, check out our new YouTube channel! Video linked below!

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