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iOS 14 Hidden feature: This Is The Year Of Customization

It’s been a couple of days since Apple announced iOS14 and already there have been many discoveries hidden within. One of the biggest finds has been hidden in accessibility called “back tap” doing exactly what it says. Back tap your iPhone 2 times to trigger things such as: mute, bring down notification center, Siri, and more. There is also a triple tap to add another action. Below is how to find it.

Head into settings

Scroll down to accessibility –

Select touch –

Scroll to the bottom and select “back tap”

From here, all of the options you can choose are here.

As beta testers dig into iOS14 I'm sure we will find more hidden treasures, this year Apple really did think about customization for the iPhone, what next will we find within iOS14. Leave a comment below to tell us what you think about the new software Apple released, also check out our post we made the other day, explaining iOS14 Top new features!.

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