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iOS 14 - It's Here!


The update we asked for!

Its been just over a day since Apple took to the internet to showcase its new feature-packed software at its WWDC event. This year took a different turn compared to the usual event, as it was streamed from the comfort of you're own home, how great... We jumped in with iOS 14. YESSSSS finally Apple delivered this year with some amazing features to really give the iPhone a refresh it deserved. Widgets, Picture in Picture, Subtle Call Notification (finally), and updated Memoji, features that we have been wishing upon for years now grace our screens and add more customization than ever before. Once you have updated, you're instantly greeted with a bubbly look, hold down on an app and the possibilities are endless. Swipe to the widget page and see apps come to life as you drag them onto the new home screen, in the beta apps are limited to Apple stock apps but as soon as developers get dug in, iPhone will be a new experience you wish you had years ago. Widgets consist of App cards than take up the grid on your home screen, 2x2, 2x4 and 4x4 is the space you will be losing by adding a widget, but after an hour I created the perfect set of widgets to make the iPhone experience easier and more adapted to my personality, a focus Apple pushed this year. 

The next feature is a feature we have all been waiting for! Redesigned caller UI. You can now ignore that stubborn ex, weekend plans, and the weekly call from the mother and carry on doing whatever you were doing on your phone, it almost sounds too good to be true!

Music finally got an update with the album Artwork now being apart of the 'now playing' background, music pops, and adds color to your listening habits. A refresh on the tabs section will probably throw you off but after using the app for a little while you adjust. iOS just seems brighter and more cheerful.

Memoji got some new hairstyles and a face mask to remind us of the global pandemic that is happening around the world but as a whole, not a lot is new.

iOS 14 isn't full of new garbage, rather appreciated update which a lot of people wanted years ago. Android fans are laughing at widgets, but I always feel apple has to perfect the experience before it introduces something that big, so it's not a burden and easy to use for the everyday user. One feature that will be missed for another year is "true multitasking" but at least we got 'picture in picture' which I'm sure will be helpful when on a facetime call. After many years I'm excited again with iOS. It's bright, more rounded, and cleaner with a design language that carries over for the first time from iPhone to Mac, more and more people will be able to pick up any apple product and immediately know how to use it. If you missed  WWDC20 I will link the video below so you can see all the updates fresh from Apple.

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