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iOS14 Public Beta - Out Now

Apple has released its first public beta of iOS14 today. The update includes, widgets, redesigned music app, updated iMessage, and much more.

Public beta includes - iOS 14 - macOS Big Sur - watchOS 7 - tvOS 14

You can apply to test the public beta through Apple beta website and instal the profile onto your device that you want to update. Using a beta software does come with some drawbacks as users are recommended to not use on their main device. The software will be buggy and have issues while in the beta stage, so always remember to backup your device before you dig into the good stuff.

Apple warns about using beta software -

The Apple Beta Software Program lets users try out pre-release software. The feedback you provide on quality and usability helps us identify issues, fix them, and make Apple software even better. Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software. Be sure to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and your Mac using Time Machine before installing beta software.

How to install

  • Sign up using your Apple ID and accept the agreement

  • Click on the software you want, in the drop-down menu press, 'Enroll Your Deice'

  • Read through, then scroll down to where it says 'Download Profile'

  • Once installed, head into settings and give the profile permission.

  • Restart your phone and check software updates! you can then install the new software and all future updates will appear without redoing the process.

Apple usually updates beta's every 2 weeks with a release set for fall. Be sure to have a look at our post on iOS 14 to see some of the main features.

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