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It's finally here! The new Sonos Sub Mini

It's been no secret that a smaller, cheaper Sub was Sonos most requested product. It's been anticipated for years and yesterday Sonos was ready to get the cat out of the bag. Yesterday Sonos announced the brand new Sub Mini built for smaller sized rooms with a smaller, rounder design to its bigger sibling.

The new sub will be available in 2 colour ways - Matt black & white and will be sold from Sonos and other retailers starting October 6th for £429.

Sonos suggests that the new Sub Mini will pair well with the Beam and Ray soundbars and works ideally for smaller apartments and homes. As a Sonos owner myself I can vouch that having a Sonos sub in our living room, even though a decent size, would be truly overkill (and upset out neighbours more than it probably does now) So this would pair perfectly with our Sonos Beam and Symfonisk bookshelf speakers.

The new speaker touts dual custom woofers and advance processing to generate deep, dynamic low end with no buzz or rattle. Both woofers face inward to create a force cancelling effect that neutralises distortion.

The Sub Mini comes with all the bells and whistles that the Sonos ecosystem has to offer including seamless setup, TruePlay, & Airplay 2 compatibility when paired with other Sonos speakers.

Will you be buying a Sonos Sub Mini for your setup? Let us know!

Will you be buying a Sub Mini for your setup?

  • Yes, I've been waiting for this product

  • Yes, looks cool

  • No

  • Still expensive

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