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Latest on Apple event! AirTag leaks, iPad and more!

On the day of the Apple event, the last rumours and speculations come out!

As reported last week, the iPhone will not be announced this week and will be kept to an event in October. This comes after a couple of companies placeholders leaked suggesting an iPhone release this week. Bloomberg reported against iPhones at the event due to production. It is the first time Apple has staggered its releases over 3 months, normally the iPhone is announced in a September event, but due to the pandemic this year things have changed.

So what will be announced? As we reported last week (here) Apple will announce 2 new Apple Watches and a new iPad Air. While not many leaks have emerged of the new devices recent report from Chi Kuo suggest the new Apple Watch Series 6 will feature a blood oxygen monitor and very little else. He also confirms that the new iPad Air will have a TouchID power button, which was leaked in a pamphlet a couple of weeks ago (here).

Apple could announce a couple more products at the 2-hour online event, such as AirPod Studio and Air tags, both devices have been rumoured for a while so it would be nice to finally see them at this event. Jon Prosser posted a concept image of what AirTags will look like which you can see below.

Source: Jon Prosser

It's not long now until Apple's event kicks off, be sure to stay up to date on our socials to hear the latest news on the Apple event!

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