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  • josh linney

Matter 1.0 has officially landed!

The CSA has finally after many years of waiting, released Matter 1.0! They have also announced that the certification program is now open for smart home makers to get their products certified for the new smart home connectivity standard.

It's hard to believe that the day is finally here, the hard work from Apple, Google, Amazon and other big companies working together to fix the most extensive walled garden of hardware and software has finally happened. "Matter" formally known as CHIP is a new standard for smart home devices that hopes to bring any device to your chosen smart home platforms with a simple setup that can talk between different assistants and just work across the board.

It sounds like a dream, but it's really happening... starting today.

The Matter certification is up and running and will allow your favourite smart home brands to start making, upgrading and getting approval to work with the new standard. And we might start seeing products very soon!

Eve, a smart home brand that was exclusive to HomeKit and only worked on Bluetooth, started releasing new versions of their products in 2020 with a Thread chip built in. Thread is a wireless protocol that is similar to Zigbee, but is the backbone of how Matter will work. Matter will work with WiFi and thread devices which means all of Eve's new product lineup will be able to work with Google Home, Alexa and any other assistant that adopts matter for the first time! What many hope for, more than ever in the HomeKit community, is other companies building products that would usually work exclusively with Google or Alexa due to Apple's high expectations on certifications will now be able to work with just the Matter standard. The walled garden for smart home is finally knocked down!

The CSA is holding an official event on November 3rd where we are likely to see some demos of the first range of matter certified products. We'll most likely see products from Eve being demoed as well as other brands coming in the next couple of weeks. Many brands like Nanoleaf have been holding back on product launches until the launch of Matter, so it's only a matter of time before we start seeing a boom in smart home products.

It looks like the year of the smart home will be 2023 with it being easier than ever to dive into the world of tomorrow. Even if Matter is limited to certain devices at launch, it's here to stay and only going to improve. I'm also super excited to start seeing more and more people get into the smart home world.

Let us know what you think!

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