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Nanoleaf Addressable LED Strip is here, and it fits into a desk!

Nanoleaf have been one of my long time favourite smart home companies, that's no secret, But Nanoleaf had a secret that's finally out the bag! Nanoleaf has partnered with Secret Labs to create a new 1.5M Addressable LED strip, the Secretlab MAGRGB™ (Smart Lighting Edition)

The LED strip is in partner with SecretLabs for their MAGNUS metal desk which packs a bung of features including cable management and magnetic attachments for the best gaming experience. The desk features a place for the Nanoleaf Strip to fit perfectly into with magnets built into the strip for easy installation.

The strip has 123 led zones works with all your assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and more. The strip even works with Thread and can be controlled via a Thread Border Router! There's also a controller, similar to the Nanoleaf essentials LED strip, except this has a black colour way (To match the desk).

Nanoleaf states the new diffused strip will work in the Nanoleaf app like all other Nanoleaf products, but will have its own interface and special scenes for the new stip. There's also scenes for some of your favourite esports teams like Team Liquid and Cloud9!

There's no direct information to say how it will work standalone and with other Nanoleaf products, but from the marketing martial and the fact you can buy the strip separately, we don't see why it shouldn't work without the desk. We will give more information as we find out.

Is this Nanoleaf's Addressable LED strip we've been waiting for, or do you think Nanoleaf will still eventually make their fully own branded one? Let us know in the comments.

The strip is available now for £69 on Secret Labs website

Secretlab MAGRGB™ (Smart Lighting Edition)

Buy it Here:


Buy it Here:


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