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Nanoleaf Announces 5 New Products At CES - All With Matter Support

Nanoleaf has been busy at CES and it's not even day 1. The Canadian company has announced 5 new products for its 2023 release, all with Matter!

Nanoleaf 4d - TV Screen Mirror Camera & Lights trips Smarter kit

Unexpected, long-awaited, and defiantly a product that Nanoleaf lovers have been dreaming of, is the new 4D TV Smarter Kits. This set will come with a Screen Mirror Camera and a 5m addressable light strip with up to 50 zones that will capture the colours displayed on your TV or gaming screen. The camera can be set on the top or below a screen depending on the user's preference and the light strip comes with mounting brackets and adhesive.

This new kit comes with Sync+, an exclusive technology that will enable your entire suite of Nanoleaf products to sync with your content on screen. This means you'll be able to use products like Shapes & Lines in your TV setup without needing a Laptop or Desktop to sync your lights. Sync+ will also enable dynamic lighting scenes to play across all your Nanoleaf lights.

The sets will be available in Q2 of 2023 for TV sizing from 55-85"

Sense+ & Nala Automation Learning Assistant

Sense+ is something Nanoleaf has been hinting at for a while, initially showing the upcoming devices with the launch of the original Essentials line. Nanoleaf's Nala will bring the world's first hands-free experience within your home. The Sense+ controls include a Wireless smart switch, a Wired smart switch & the Nala Learning Bridge. All three products include motion and ambient light sensors and will work via Thread & Matter.

Sense+ will work by learning your routines and how you use your smart lighting throughout your home and then start recommending scenes and automation depending on TOD, motion, light or user input, eventually learning enough for a hands-free experience. Nala learning bridge is where all the magic happens and to my surprise, existing Thread border routers (Shapes, Elements & Lines) will also be able to be upgraded to a Nala Learning Hub.

Nanoleaf Skylight - Smart Modular Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

Another big surprise for Nanoleaf is the new Modular Skylight, this like other Nanoleaf products can be expanded and designed in different ways to appeal to the placement of the light fixture. Nanoleaf Skylight works over WiFi and provides all of the Nanoleaf features including Sync+, Rhythm music visualiser, and dynamic scenes. The fixture also acts as a Thread border router and comes with a built-in Sense+ sensor to enable Nala learning features.

The Skylight will be available in Q3 of 2023

New Essentials With Thread Over Matter Lighting

Nanoleaf announced towards the end of last year that Essentials will be getting new bulbs that will work with the new smart home standard Thread via Matter. Not only is Nanoleaf releasing new versions of its bulbs, but it's also adding more options to the mix! A19, BR30, GU10 & Recessed Downlights are going to be a part of the new range set to be released in the next coming months.

No pricing yet for any of the products mentioned above but we will keep you up to date when we know more information.

Are you surprised by Nanoleafs CES announcements? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on social media.

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