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Nanoleaf Elements - A new look for smart lighting

Almost mid way into the year and we have seen many different products come to market in the smart home space! But there is one company I always look forward to seeing new products from and that's Nanoleaf. I have fully invested myself within the world of Nanoleaf and own every product they sell and highly recommend taking a look into their products as they have the 'Essentials' line which has smart bulbs that start at only £17!!!!! See our review of the essentials line here <

My all time favourite product from Nanoleaf has to be the Canvas panels and I can't wait to see those updated, but today we are talking about a brand new product which fits into the 'Shapes' line but isn't your regular RGB Panel! Yup Nanoleaf have have just unveiled the new Nanoleaf Elements line, based on textures from our everyday lives. With todays announcement we have saw the first introduction to this with a hexagon shaped wooden light panel! This is every interior designers dream and give smart lighting a new look!

For the first time Nanoleaf have announced a product that doesn't include any RGB whatsoever, mostly aimed for the more minimalist home and I'm sold!

Nanoleaf elements start at £199 for 7 panels and can be expands in sets of 3 for an additional £69.99. Elements can transform any space with its cool and warm tone lighting and even be interconnected with the rest of the shapes line (yet to see what that looks like)

Nanoleaf didn’t stop there! Coming very soon is a update to the desktop app which adds screen mirroring for the Essentials line, this paired with their different panels will surly give Philips hue Sync a run for its money as Essentials bulbs and strip run half the price of a single Philips hue bulb.

Even more, Nanoleaf announced over the next week, owners of Shapes and the new Elements light panels will get a update which will allow them to be controlled not only by a Thread network, but also act as a Thread border router! This will allow for better connectivity and allow Nanoleaf customers to enjoy the benefits of Thread without needing a separate device such as an Apple Tv or HomePod mini!

At the very end of the event Nanoleaf also teased a new future product titled ‘lines ‘

My hopes after years of being a massive Nanoleaf fan is that they are working on a multizone led strip to compete of the likes of Lifx and Cololight. Let’s see what the future holds. i can’t wait!

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