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New Apple Charger - Future proof

Today reliable leaker @L0vetodream has tweeted that Apple will be including a new kind of cable in the box this year.

As we have recently found out, it's speculated that Apple is going to remove the power brick and earphones from the iPhone 12 lineup this year to reduce waste and prepare the world for a wireless future. In this move, not only will the packaging be decreased in size but a hint to a portless phone is immediate.

In the tweet, we have some pictures of the new lightning cable which is supposed to be included in the box of the new iPhone 12. To a surprise, the cable will be braided. The cable will still be lightning to USB C since Apple plans to go portless instead of introducing USB C to iPhones.

The braided cable will hopefully have benefits of its predecessor, with more durability and longer life than the current soft rubber cable currently included. This could be the last time apple will update its charger as Apple could move to an Apple pencil style charging system we have been seeing in leaked renders.

Apple still uses lightning cables in a lot of its products, from Apple Tv, Mac accessories, and even Beats headphones!

Are you excited for Apple's plans for charging in the future and will you be going wireless?

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