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New Imac - What we know!

The excitement for a new iMac has been building up over the lash couple of months. Rumours and speculated design elements have had us gaging for the desktop for a while as the iMacs design language hasn't changed since 2007 minus the thinner chaise. A couple of weeks before WWDC20, reporters speculated the new desktop would be announced at the event, but as we know that didn't happen. Tim Cook closed the show with a hint of new Macs in the pipeline that was Intel-based, but no date has been given.

Apple last updated the iMac line in March 2019 and was just a spec bump. Recently the 27inch iMac has been out of stock or delayed shipping in the last couple of months on Apple’s website, this would suggest something new in the pipeline very soon.

So what do we know?

Design -

The new iMac, according to Sonny Dickson (via MacRumors) will take elements from the iPad pro including, thinner bezels, Rounded corners, and a flat-sided look.

Specs -

While we don't know much yet about specs, we are hoping and has been rumoured that Apple will use SSD instead of its Fusion Drive, which is Apple’s mix of HHD/SSD.

It's the 5th of July at the time of writing this article, I'm sure it's not going to be long until we see the new iMac. I currently have a 27inch iMac on order with a delivery date or the 27th July, yet I received a notification that it's getting ready to ship. With my personal luck i’d say the iMac could be announced as soon as tomorrow (6 July) but most likely within this month!

Are you excited about the new iMac? What're your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe for regular updates and become apart of the community!

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