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Sonos Roam, The new portable smart speaker! Airplay2, Qi charging and more..

Yesterday Sonos announced a new speaker, the Sonos Roam, its cheapest speaker on the market and it packs a bunch of features!

Sonos an audio company that specialises in wireless speakers that work out of the box and can be grouped for surround sound or multi-room audio. Sonos most popular speaker is the Sonos One for its compact size, humidity resistance and cheapish price point, but it wasn't until 2019 when Sonos unveiled it first portable speaker. The Sonos Move. At £369 it was closer to the price of Sonos entry sound bar the Sonos Beam making it a pricy portable speaker. The Move did meet its price with features that allowed it to integrate within the Sonos eco system when at home and change into a bluetooth speaker when not.

The Move was welcomed by Sonos lovers as it sounded great and integrated well into their existing systems. With a price of £369 it still left a huge gap in the market as the Sonos One was the cheapest speaker Sonos had to offer but without portability, that is until now.

The Sonos Roam!

Smaller, smarter and even more waterproofing, the Roam has come to fill the void starting at £159. Not only is this speaker powerful, its got some great features that the Move doesn't!

The Roam can be on wifi and bluetooth at the same time, allowing you to stream your music to your whole Sonos system via Bluetooth for the first time. This also allows for seamless switching when leaving the home, your phone will automatically pair and carry on your tunes. When arriving home you can transfer your audio straight to your Sonos system via the new Sound Swap feature, hold down on the play button and hear your music spread around the home! I see this as Sonos looking at ways to compete with Apple and its handoff feature introduced on the new HomePod minis. Airplay 2 is available allowing you to integrated it into your apple eco-system and have multi-room audio with other airplay 2 enabled speakers. The roam will also automatically Tune its audio inside or outside allowing for there best sound anywhere!

Roaming with your music can be hours of fun, The Sonos Roam packs 10h of battery life and can be charged by USB-C or Qi charging. Sonos offer their own charing pad for the Roam and it can be bundled with the roam for £203.

With the size and features the Sonos Roam is perfect for anyone looking for a great sounding speaker and its just in time for summer!

The Sonos Roam can be Pre-ordered now and shipping from April 20th, check your country's Sonos page for more information world wide!

Will you be grabbing a Sonos Roam? Let us know your thoughts on the new speaker in the comments below!

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