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The SwitchBot Curtains - Review

SwitchBot! A company I have reviewed in the past is back with the SwitchBot Curtains! The robot that attaches to your existing curtains and turns them smart. It's that simple!

The curtain robot comes in 3 styles - U style track, I style track and Rod style. With 2 colours to choose from, black or white to match your aesthetic. Swipe to see the dimensions of the different types of curtain style and if they will be compatible with your existing curtains! One bot can pull 8kg!

Important information: If you would like voice control you have to purchase the SwitchBot Hub which is £30 and can be found here! The hub just allows you to send a command to the hub and then the hub sends a BLE command to the curtains. Curtain bots retail for around £70 for a single and £150 for 2. Here!


The SwitchBot curtain comes with a USB C cable (no plug), curtain clips and the SwitchBot curtain itself. It recommends charging for at least 4 hours before installing them, and if you don't want to take them down every time they need charging you can purchase a solar panel which clips onto the Bot or your curtains for constant power for only £19 HERE!

Once charged, the rest of the setup is easy and simple; go to the App Store and download the SwitchBot app. Next, clamp down the bots onto the rail in-between the first ring and the second, this makes sure your curtains close correctly, move your curtain or curtains to the closed position and open the app. Add a new device and pick the curtain, it's going to prompt you to long-press the pairing button on the bot. From there you will be asked to name your device and the type of rail you are using. Next is how you want your curtains to open, from the left, or right, or 2 bots from the middle (if you choose the last option it will ask you to pair the second bot) This is the calibration mode and each bot will learn how far it has to open and close and that's it. If you want to add voice control, open the curtain setting in the app and turn on "Cloud service" (remember you need the SwitchBot hub)

Heres a video on the setup process below!


Having smart curtains might seem like a lazy idea at first, but it allows you to do more than just have your curtains open and close for you. For example, need to wake up at 6 am and you know your alarm isn't enough, with SwitchBot curtain will allow you to set a schedule that matches your alarm to open your curtains for you, giving you that extra push out of bed.

You can also set schedules for different times of the day so if you have multiple sets of curtains this will be extra handy allowing you to open or close them at a single tap or voice command.

With voice control, you will be able to ask, Google, Alexa, or Siri via shortcuts to control your curtains. Set up is easy and allows you to do the standard open and close!

If you or a guest does have the dying urge to get up and close the curtains then the SwitchBots will kick in and finish the job for you. Even on a double window, start pulling one curtain and both will automatically start closing! (or open)

Bonus feature!

There's 1 feature I want to talk about that really stands out to me and would help when deciding to buy the SwitchBot curtain!

If you own or purchase the SwitchBot thermometer, you'll be able to set scenes to keep heat in your home or allow it to escape. Curtains can be a heat trap, playing a part in your heating system. In the winter you can set a scene to allow your curtains to close only if the temperature goes below a certain temp. In the summertime, it's sometimes nice to allow the fresh air flowing to keep the home cool, set a scene so when the temperature goes over a certain temp your curtains will automatically open. This feature is very handy and an efficient way to keep bills down while maintaining temperatures around your home.

You can pick up the SwitchBot thermostat here for £14

Personal use!

After spending 2 weeks with the SwitchBot curtain I can say im truly impressed. Not once has my curtains failed on me and they open and close with a breeze. I use Siri Shortcuts to tie it into HomeKit. I say "Hey Siri, bedtime" and my scene sets, lights dim and the curtains close. For the morning I've been using the schedule feature to open the curtains at 10 am daily as I sometimes forget to open them at all.

I did test out the scene feature, finding it was nice to set a routine that allowed for my heating to turn on and my curtains close so I wasn't wasting any energy. I've had products that have dropped out or not run scenes when set, but found with the SwitchBot I never had an issue and I even stopped using the app, it's just that reliable!


Now I personally ran into 1 problem that was easily fixable but it might differ per person. My curtain pole is extendable and where the pole extends is where I found a problem. Because the Bot has to be clamped down to the pole to get friction, every time it went over the extension it would clamp down tighter and would not travel back over. My pole is the right diameter and it did have a smooth transition between the bigger part of the pole and the smaller. But the way I fixed it was by making sure the extension section was placed in the middle of the of where both curtains closed so the bot didn't have to travel over and get stuck. To be 100% safe I would try using a non-extendable curtain pole, definitely if you are only using one bot. Other than that tiny hiccup I've had no other problems.

Would I recommend it? Yes! 100%

One thing I love about SwitchBot is the way their products could help millions of people with disability and mobility. The SwitchBot Bot is a tiny robot that presses buttons for you, the SwitchBot Hub connects to IR appliances that can then be controlled via an app, and now the curtains! I feel SwitchBot helps to make everyday tasks easier and simpler than ever.

Another great place for the SwitchBot curtains is high ceiling windows. Easily add curtains to high up areas and control them via the SwitchBot curtain! The possibilities are endless.

My entire home is smart and I love finding new ways to make my existing home products smart without paying a premium and SwitchBot is that company, with affordable products that work well. A simple clean app, great support with voice assistants and great customer support. I cant wait to see what SwitchBot comes up with in the future and ill be sure to let you know!

Be sure to check out their website and have a browse of their products.

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