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Twinkly Adds HomeKit Support!

Source: Twinkly

Last year was a slow one for the smart home enthusiasts, with very little new product announcements with Matter (A new smart home standard which was meant to originally launch in 2021) looming over our heads. Apart from a couple of updates from existing products on the market, everyone seems to be holding off.

But one company in 2021 blew me away with not only new products but also the announcement of HomeKit support for all of its 2nd generation products! I’m talking about Twinkly Smart Decorations!

You may have heard of them for their Christmas lights, but in January 2021, Twinkly attended CES to show off three new products. The Twinkly Flex, Line and Square!

The Twinkly Flex and Line products are light strips which can be added inside your home and be mapped via the Twinkly app to create some really cool affects! We did a review on the Twinkly Flex which you can watch below or via our YouTube!

The Twinkly square has been delayed with not sign of a launch just yet, even now that we are in 2022.

Twinkly has brought Alexa and Google integration to their light range since day one, allowing you to automate and control your lights with their voice assistants and automations. Early into 2021 a plug-in appeared on HomeBridge allowing you to bring Twinkly products into HomeKit via a server (HomeBridge is a server than run on a computer in the background and brings non HomeKit products into HomeKit via plug-ins) To HomeKit enthusiast, like myself, I tend to stay away from this as much as I can… But Twinkly lights are irresistible! My Christmas tree has never looked better!

So I was so excited to find out that in November of 21, Twinkly turned on support for HomeKit to ALL of its EXISTING GEN 2 range of lights.

It was perfect time just for Christmas since the best selling lights are their Christmas range.

It was pushed via a software update in the Twinkly app and allows for you to add your lights into HomeKit in less then 5 minuets - per light ;)

Heres How…

Step 1.

Head into the Twinkly App - Make sure its up to date!

Step 2.

Make sure your lights are up to date on the lastest firmware. As long as your app is up to date the update should apear in your devices section.

Step 3.

Once your lights have updated, you should see a option in each lights settings labled ‘HomeKit’. This shows the HomeKit code you need to scan in the Home App. You can do this via another devices unbder the same Home, or via writing down the pairing code.

That it! Once paired in the Home app, place your light in your selected room and Twinkly lights can be controlled and automated via Homekit!

If you are intrested in learning more about HomeKit Then check out Video on The Home App Basics!

Now that Twinkly has support for all three major platforms, are you swayed to purchasing some? Let us know in the comments

The collection of lights Twinkly sell are amazing for all different occasions and events. Check out their website here.

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